Viral cleaning and disinfection services calgary

“Keeping your place of business safe from viral infections”

Our disinfection cleaning services will ensure the reduction, removal, & destruction of communicable viruses such as COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Everybody knows the importance of disinfecting touch points & horizontal surfaces on a regular basis – but with the rapid growth of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Calgary and worldwide, we cannot stress this point enough.

The ways in which communicable viruses such as COVID-19 can spread is surprisingly large. Direct or indirect contact with contaminated equipment, door handles, shopping carts, payment terminals, or desks – are just a few examples.

Though COVID-19 is known to spread mostly through respiratory droplets from person to person, there is evidence that transmission can occur by touching infected surfaces. A recent study even suggests that the virus can thrive on steel, plastic, or other surfaces ; for up to 3 days.

As leading professionals in the cleaning industry, Wild Rose Cleaning Services has your disinfection cleaning needs covered, in order to help keep your staff & customers safe. Unlike disinfecting surfaces by hand, our disinfection spray will be sure to adhere to all surfaces – no matter how awkward or tucked away they may be. As we can cover large spaces in a short period of time, it is perfect for spaces such as warehouses, schools, gyms, or retail stores!

Using 100% Eco-Friendly Products For Family, Friends, Pets and Colleagues

Wild Rose Cleaning Services prides itself on using only the safest, most environmentally sound cleaning products for all jobs, big or small. Our Eco-Friendly Approach to cleaning sets us apart from the competition and will help preserve the long term property value of your home or business.


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